Scientific Advisor for UPF’s Bachelor’s Thesis in Telecommunications Network Engineering

Bachelor's thesis Scientific Advisor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2023

Scientific Advisor for the final bachelor’s degree thesis entitled: “InfiniBand: Anàlisis i Monitoratge”, carried out by a UPF student the year 2023.


Although my knowledge in Network Engineering, HPC, and monitoring tasks carried on a cluster is the same as any other bioinformatician, I acted as a Scientific Advisor for the aforementioned final Bachelor’s thesis. I was able to give my insight and expertise on how to write a good scientific thesis, how to present the methods, tools used, experiment results, and a good discussion in a useful way. Specially, on how to showcase results so they stand out, and making sure that the knowledge gained with the thesis is useful for the Network Engineers to come.

Tasks carried out

Proofreading, suggesting, and general guidance in the writing and presentation on the final thesis document.

What I learned from it

At first I felt a bit scared and inadequate, due to my ignorance of the scientific concepts in the thesis. But while reading it, I realized I could make suggestions that are broad and applicable in any field, specially aimed at making sure that what is being presented follows the standard of what we consider “good science”.